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Running time: 87 minutes. Two stars out of four. I mean, the premise is pretty simple: Kevin Spacey plays a talking cat. But the execution of that idea, and the caliber of talent that agreed to take part in this project, are just mind-boggling. Barry Sonnenfeld directs. Spacey stars. Jennifer Garner plays his wife. Cheryl Hines plays his ex-wife. And yet … and yet. The script is awful, of course, full of wacky antics and hokey, third-act changes of heart. I took Nicolas to a 6pm showing the Thursday night that it opened, and he was cackling consistently from the opening montage of real-life YouTube cat videos.

This is your target audience: 6-year-olds on summer vacation. When he once again forgets the birthday of his year-old daughter, Rebecca Malina Weissman , his neglected wife, Lara Garner , insists that he get her the gift she really wants to make up for it: a cat. I started to get more and more involved with Lahana and felt like I could no longer juggle so many different jobs, so Lahana bought Dulari off me and we re-opened it together as Lahana Active!

We make a solid little team and are all so different with what we bring to the table. I feel very grateful for these ladies in my life! I have always loved clothes, making them, wearing them, selling them. When I became a yoga teacher I spent a lot of time in lycra and felt like there was room in the market for something more unique. Taking that essence from Dulari, we wanted to create something really unique in our active wear. We love bold prints and colours paired with tested and tried quality of my former label. You come from a big family that I have the pleasure of knowing and you work alongside your siblings at Lahana.

They are all so talented and unique and doing some super creative things, within Lahana and outside of Lahana. We are all so close and work so well together, I think we are just super supportive of each other. My parents have always encouraged us to pursue what ever we wanted to be or do, take risks and work hard for what you want to achieve!

We are immensely blessed to be doing it alongside each other! How and when did your love for yoga begin? I have always had yoga in my life in some shape or form because of my upbringing with the Hare's.

"Nine Lives" lyrics

However that real love and discovery came in my early twenties, in my little cabin house living in the hills of Mullumbimby. It just kind of took me and there was no going back. It made such a profound impact and shift in the way I thought and lived my life, that I knew almost right away that this is something I wanted to facilitate for others! You did some of your yoga teacher training in India. What was this experience like? And what was one lesson or insight you took home with you?

I spent six months in India and Nepal studying Yoga. It was one of the happiest, most joyful experiences of my life. It was like cracking open a nut and letting out only pure sunshine. We are simply the universe experiencing itself, that is so wild and beautiful to me! In your opinion what is the importance of yoga in everyday life? And what does it mean to you? Life is in constant flux, it's easy to become swept up, tussled, swayed by the ups and downs of our shifting reality. Yoga teaches you to be the mountain amongst the storm, unwavering in your steadiness and ease amongst it all.

It reminds you, quite simply, to stay grounded, present, mindful and conscious! Because you have such a busy lifestyle with so many projects do you find yoga is your anchor that helps you stay calm? And how else does yoga benefit you personally? That hour is what prepares you to take all those lessons off the mat and into your everyday life.

I am calm and steady and consistent and anchored because of this practise and I am so grateful for that! SO grateful! Oh holy smokes, maybe a holiday! All I can hope for is to continue to have so many amazing people in my life that inspire me my partner Ryan!! To lend a hand check out Pay A Sack Forward. For some bargain op shop treasures check out Thyrft.

Gold Coast: Thyrft GC. Brisbane: Studio Thifty4. For activewear to look and feel good in check out Lahana Active. For a yoga class to soothe the soul check out Boheme and Body. Written By Kat Youngberry - May 23 The more I read the more I was captivated and curious about this writer. For she was filled, spilling over in fact, with every little detail and all five senses of wonderful, wonderful adventure. I spent the afternoon getting to know the woman behind the words at Fingal lighthouse, which coincidentally was the exact spot where her idea for Lighthouse Letters blossomed.

I'm a Gold Coast gal with too many passions to try and fit them in really… Ahhh soo much excites me; nature, people, sport, books, art, chocolate. Anything creative mixed with passion and purpose really excites me at the moment. I love the idea that you can create and do something where it is clear that passion expresses itself, and then to have that be able to impact, inspire, encourage or bless someone else is such a cool concept! You grew up in Coffs Harbour but now live here on the coast. What lead you to call the sunny Gold Coast your home? I grew up on a bit of property - our house was on a hill that overlooked a valley and mountains on one side and a fainter view of the ocean on the other side.

So it was really different to the Gold Coast. Especially, the surf is so nice and quiet compared to the Gold Coast.

I moved to the Gold Coast to study, as there were only a few options at one really small university in Coffs Harbour. It felt like home straight away so I decided to stay. I also moved into a share house where I met my husband, so that was a big bargaining chip to stay on the Gold Coast.

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You are one of eleven kids! Tell us a little about growing up in such a big family? I literally never get over answering this question. It was so so much fun! If you have ever seen 'cheaper by the dozen' it felt a little like that at times, chaotic yet fun and full of love!

My siblings are all super sporty and fun. I have so many fond memories of camping, surfing, hiking, board games and making up our own family plays. I think being the youngest can be hard because you get bullied a little more, but I feel like it develops so much character. Plus the fact that we were pretty low on funds obviously with that many kids makes you pretty appreciative of the smaller things and the people you are surrounded with rather than things. I respect and admire all of my siblings so much.

How and when did your love affair with words begin? I have always loved story-telling in its various forms and writing became one of those ways where I could get out all the ideas and things going on in my head and around me. I have always loved reading and watching movies and from there I wanted to write, well had to write. I think journaling way back in the day is where it all began. Tell us a little about this project and how it came about? So Lighthouse Letters was an idea that popped into my head one sunset when I was writing at Fingal lighthouse.

It was just really catchy and rolled off my tongue that I was like yep! Mostly Creation! My childhood is another massive thing I get so much inspiration from. The adventures and the stories I remember when I was little that stuck with me. I definitely used to go down the Coastline a fair bit, especially Fingal lighthouse. But usually the beach, or beside a creek in Currumbin Valley. Who are some writers you admire and do you have any must read suggestions for us? Ah gosh where do I start… I love so many genres and types of writing there is so many! I love writers like C.

Lewis and J. R Tolkien who can write so profoundly and then at the same time write such amazing kids adventure stories.

I actually never really thought about it until a few months ago to be completely honest. I started it as a creative outlet and space to put my work as a freelance writer. I do however have ideas now. You work as a freelance writer, what would your favourite project be so far? A few of my favourites would have to be some of the jobs I have done for GC Mag, being able to chat to some artists I admire and going to Moreton island, another place I love! Another favourite was blog writing for Open Heart International in Cambodia; I love missions and helping out those in need, especially kids, and to be able to write about it too was something I felt really lucky and blessed to do.

Apart from writing you have also dabbled in modelling and acting. Tell us a little about this chapter of your life? I started modelling when I moved to the Gold Coast seven years ago.

Cats Have Nine Lives

Plus a lot of the girls can be pretty nasty in that industry. I kind of just now do it on the side if somebody happens to find me and like my look. I never super enjoyed it, but I did a couple commercials in that time where there was acting involved and I loved it so much! I did a few classes and auditioned for an agency and they took me in. Ever since then I rock up to every acting audition and have even started writing my own scripts which I hope I can enter into some competitions and see them made one day!

Acting is definitely one of those passions I had as a kid and then kind of lost for a while until it plonked itself right in front of me. Good question! This year for me I wanted to not try and set any huge goals and stress out at all, instead just to listen and be discerning every day with what I should do. As well as some other kids books and scripts I would love to get published and or made into movies that have some cool hidden messages and inspire people in some way. So I guess next for me is really seeing where creating combined with my passions takes me and what I can give back to people through it….


For words to escape with check out Lighthouse Letters. Written By Kat Youngberry - May 17 Written By Kat Youngberry - May 10 Polly is a force to be reckoned with. She's colourful, bold and unapologetically herself. She captures your attention and brings a vibe to any room she's in! I ventured deep into the Tallebudgera Valley to her 3 storey treehouse, to meet Polly and Joop for a playful afternoon filled with gypsy wagons, mermaids and countless costume changes.

PUSS PUSS Magazine | The Nine Lives of… Part II

Polly wears the Venus dress in sun. My Name is Polly. I live in the rainforest on the Gold Coast with my gorgeous 5 year old daughter Jupiter Willow and our man Justin. I work across many fields, but mainly in the music industry. I love a good joke, and live way too loudly to live in suburbia. I remember thinking And how tiny and perfect she was. How my life would never be the same again and that she was now my priority, my world.

She was born on the parade of the planets, when all the planets in our solar system lined up just above the horizon. I was in labour for over 53 hours. And the whole time I laboured on my balcony I was captivated by the brightest star in the sky, Jupiter. Children are learning every single day and that they are smarter than we realise or give them credit for. That every chance is opportunity for growth and that when it comes to tantrums, my response has just as much impact on the scenario as theirs.

Always try to divert the scenario with laughter and kindness, and a cuddle. Hearing their hurt is better than some kind of punishment, every single time. There are only two states of being - before children and after children. But as far as lifestyle went, not really. I worked all through my pregnancy and straight after as well. Jupiter came to all the photoshoots, music video shoots, and gigs I ran. I think her first big gig was Cat Empire at Marketta. She slept in an amp box beside the stage at 5 weeks old. I was touring and living in a tour bus with Michael Franti for years before I became a mum, so I couldn't tour anymore.

But she loves coming to work with me and even wants to do her own photoshoots together now, which is awesome and fun, cause we both love dress ups! What is the perfect family day for you? And do you have any favourite bonding activities? We love playing dress ups and going on adventures. Sometimes we go for a rainforest walks and waterfall adventures, or pretend we are mermaids at the beach. Justin loves making fires and cooking on the fire for us and Joops loves 'shujjin", setting up a comfy space with a bed outside. We love lying by the fire, talking about the world, the planets, the stars, really deep stuff that she brings up and then she falls asleep under the stars by fire light.

We do that a couple of times a week at the moment. I went for 30 hours of labour before I got the epidural, and I felt like a failure. I wish someone had told me, that it doesn't matter how babies come into the world, you don't get a medal for having a 'natural' birth. That it's and no one is going into a hospital with a broken arm and asking to 'go natural'. It was the only thing that brought me back to earth and allowed me to focus on the joy that was taking place. Babies hear 98db in the womb, that's fucking loud, and for the first year or so, they can simultaneously listen whilst they sleep.

So if they hear silence, they feel abandoned and are unsettled. And no one wants to have to tip toe around a sleeping baby. DO YOU? Listen to others, sure. But you know in your heart what works for you and your baby. Whatever feels right, is what's right. Try your best not to lose yourself, it's soooo exhausting, and lonely and hard, and if you can find things that make you happy, make your heart sing and bring joy to YOU, then your baby will thank you and so will your mental state.

Polly wears the Aura jumpsuit in fire. We have always loved to play dress up together and have crazy fun. My man Justin is an amazing photographer and videographer, and loves capturing me and Joops, so we have decided to show her the world and have caped adventures whilst we are at it. Our home videos are pretty epic.

It's our job to show our children the world, not shield them from it. Joops is her own person, I do not own her or presume to - she is not mine. She will live her own exciting life and it's my job as a Mum to prepare her for the world. Any question is valid and I will answer it as honestly as possible.

The Cat Has Nine Lives. About the Film Press. Featurefilm Germany 35 mm Techniscope 86 min Color. Festival Participation Internationale Filmwoche Mannheim Edinburgh International Film Festival Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin, Retrospektive 8. Film International Rotterdam 9.

Westdeutsche Kurzfilmtage, Oberhausen 1. Femme Totale im Revier, Dortmund 1. Frauenfilm - Wochen, Koblenz 4. Contents There is one thing that each of the 5 women knows for certain: success is very attractive. So they are all looking for success. Each woman adapts herself to her own particular circumstance, according to character. Each believes to have found an individual way out of misery. The scale of misery determines the emotion. Katharina yearns for a life without sentimental obligations. She believes that she has achieved this. Therefore she views her beloved girlfriend Anne with even greater sympathy.

Anne is at the moment learning the left-wing jargon. But it is pure helplessness. She thinks it is political commitment that makes her not trust her friend Katharina, so Anne smiles as well. Gabriele is involved with business.