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Hotels in Europe for Families

We were thinking of renting a camper van or could be get by with a small rental car and staying in AirBnbs. Or could we get around by train. We want to be efficient in our travels because we have a lot we want to see. We are very big into hiking and the mountains but we are also wanting to see many of the historic sites. The countries we would like to visit are as follows: Spain: 2 weeks. Do you recommend Barcelona over Madrid?

We also are going to see a friend in Santandar for one week France: Chamonix looks amazing or is there another area is Southern France you like. We may or may not make it to Paris. Switzerland: We want to see the cute mountain towns and do some hiking. Any base area you recommend? Number of days required. Maybe 2 different bases for a few days each. Or could we skip Slovenia. Southern Czech Republic and several small towns. Amsterdam for a few days at the end. My main question is transportation.

We have been saving for this trip for years and will be on a budget with 5 but we can spend the money where we need to. Do you recommend renting a camper van, trains for 5 people and staying in apartments or are there some countries where a car is necessary to get to the little towns and mountains. Narrow mountain roads can also be a problem.

Train travel is also viable, since many European destinations are well-connected by train. Depending on your final plans, you can spend most of your time travelling by train and public transportation in cities and only rent a car from time to time, just to get out to more remote areas. Also, having a car gives you that extra flexibility in case you decide to change your plans somewhat and stay a bit longer in one place or another. Travelling around Europe by train is very doable, though on some popular routes, it means booking train tickets in advance, which makes it most difficult to change your plans.

If I had to choose, Barcelona would probably just about win because if its stunning location by the sea and surrounding attractions. During the peak season of July to September, some access roads into the park are closed to private vehicles, and served by local buses and taxis instead. For Switzerland, Zermatt in the south of the country makes an excellent hiking base, with numerous day hikes of varying length and difficulty amid stunning mountain scenery.

Grindelwald is another good base with a good variety of hikes , from easy to challenging, plus on the Eiger Trail you can get close to the famous Eiger mountain popular with mountain climbers. Hohe Tauern National Park is another beautiful location and worth visiting; it all depends on how much time you want to spend and where.

Budapest: Absolutely. Czech Republic: The Czech Republic has the densest network of hiking trails in the world so you are spoiled for choice. Netherlands: Amsterdam is a great way to finish off the trip — lots to see, culture-wise, easy to get around, either on public transportation and hiring bicycles, and lots of good places to eat. Heading to Madrid to visit relatives for a week with our 12, 10 and 7 year old.

We have a second week and exploring our options for other locations. This will be their first time to Europe. In their minds, they want to see the Eiffel Tower, but wondering if London would be more suitable? London has more to see and do that clearly falls into the kid-friendly category.

Paris feels more foreign and unique in a good way for an American. London is busier and more spread out. Paris is more compact and walkable. Tours e. We are travelling to Europe next August for a wedding in Sicily, with two active boys aged 4 and 23 months. Any suggestions for where to visit for 6 nights after Sicily, before we end our trip with a week in Lake Como? We are from Australia and this will be the first long-haul trip with the kids, and apart from a few nights in Paris 12 years ago , we have not visited any of these places before to know what they are like.

The boys love the outdoors and are not interested in sitting in restaurants watching the world go by. Nothing beats island hopping, beach going, and the relaxed but still charming vibe on a Greek island. Love your tips! I enjoy travelling with my kids and showing them the world so much. Before every trip me and my husband always try to make an itinerary and find as many attractions for our family as possible, and some children-friendly spots, it saves us so much time when we have it ready.

Last time we went to Poland and had so much fun. We got some recommendations from our Polish friends and the one place that we really loved was a restaurant called the Akademia, it was in Warsaw. We had great time with delicious food and our kids were not bored, as they have a special corner for children. I wish more restaurants follow the example. All in all, Warsaw and Poland was amazing and it is perfect for a trip with kids.

Dave, we are looking to vacation in Europe for 2 weeks in 2nd half of May, with two small children 11 months and 5 yr old. We will fly from LA and are looking for suggestions on where to go. We are interested in culture and history and are trying to stay in two places 1 week each as hauling luggage and small kids is very taxing.

We would consider staying by a beach in a historic town, then travel somewhere else. As an alternative we are looking at going to Prague for a week, then somewhere else other than Vienna as long as it can be reached easily by train or with a budget airline. Any suggestions for itineraries? Both are great family-friendly places. We will be in Vienna for 2 days, with 9 and 7 year old boys. The youngest loves music. What are your top recommendations of things to do in Vienna. Thanks, Jay. The Haus der Musik for sure. Peloponnese is equally interesting and fun. If you see my first-pass without-thinking list below you will get the idea.

Looks like a fun itinerary though. Good luck. Thank you for your information. My family of 4 would like to visit Naxos, Greece from your recommendation for best family friendly places with a beach. Which is the best way to get to Naxos? I believe we will fly into Athens or is flying into Santorini.

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Dee Dee. Naxos is the single best beach destination for families in Europe, so good choice. Both Santorini and Athens have direct flights from western European hubs. Naxos does not but does have flights from Athens. No need to arrive and depart from the same place. We are looking to make our first trip that involves a longer flight Hawaii,Europe in the Fall- likely mid October or possibly November. We have twins who will be 6 at that time. Am I missing something? Would love any suggestions you might have.

Lisa Basch. The south side of Crete will be more likely to be warm late into October. Awesome site! I would like to take my mother 69 with some mobility issues and my son 6 to Europe in late July My son loves the beach and nature, whereas my mother loves shopping and great restaurants. Any suggestions on where to go to please them both. This time around I am hoping for some advice. We will be in Bulgaria for sons sport until 21st November.

We have then booked a cruise from 26th November from Genoa Italy. So my question is where should we go? We travel with our 13 and 16 year olds. Thank you in advance. Tracey McGuinness. But there probably are better options. Barcelona would be right at the top of my list. Any destination suggestions that would be budget-friendly? Kids not so into museums etc. The Greek Islands are the best value for money in Europe for families.

I have just come across your website and I love the detailed information you give. I love travelling and seize every opportunity to do it for I work for an airline. I need some suggestions…in the upcoming spring break End March- early april , I would like to travel with my kids aged 8 and 5 to some place in Europe.

Was looking at the islands in Greece or if not Barcelona, Nice, or Lisbon. Any suggestions and what you feel may be a good option? Would be grateful for any advice. Looking at just days and this travelling will be without my husband so need someplace which is relatively safe. Thanks, Lynette. All of these places are great and safe.

Love your site, thanks for all the info. Thinking of planning a trip in late June, 2 weeks, with our 2 girls, ages 8 and I am having a hard time choosing an itinerary. We are an adventurous family, love hiking and exploring. Those are all great ideas but the first place that jumped into my mind was Crete: great beaches, hikes, history, and culture.

Hawaii Travel Guide: Public Bus Map & Guide

The destruction of the island by the volcano is interesting for both kids and adults. Looking for a great place with to take my 2. We love food, culture and the local charm but still would need kid friendly places to eat where the adults may be able to grab a pint or glass of wine as well.

Any suggestions? I was looking at the UK or Netherlands? The first place that comes to mind is Nice, France as it is a wonderful small city that ticks all your boxes. In the UK, I would do Galway. In the Netherlands, consider Utrecht. Kids will be 17, 13, 13 at time of travel. Likely would fly into London, train to Paris, fly to Rome and then return home from Rome. Considering 5 nights in London, 5 nights in Paris, and 5 nights in Rome, but would be curious of your thoughts on this itinerary and whether you would adjust the of nights for a family with 3 teenagers. London does have the most to do for teens in terms of actual attractions so if anything, add a day there.

Our children will be 6 and 3 at the time of travel. They had the best time in parks with playgrounds and DisneyLand Paris. I have read your comments on your favourite places for kids and it Barcelona is coming out tops. Should we consider doing this instead in the Italian itinerary I have in mind? Would the South of France also be a good option instead?

Hi, Wow what an awesome blog! Not sure where to go, any recommendations? We like some culture, but would like the option to have lazy days in the sun playing on beaches and water parks too. Any help would be appreciated. Nice, France is an idyllic destination with great parks, water fountains, restaurants, and beach-front walkway. We are from Sydney, Australia and planning to visit Europe mid-Apr We have 3 kids 9,5,3 ; which cities are best for kids? Will 3 weeks be enough in Europe?

Amsterdam is great for families. Weather in Amsterdam can be all over the place in April — anything from rain and clouds to warm and clear. Looking for the best kid friendly destinations for mid October Interested in Europe, but not limited to. Thank you! Beaches: Greece, Spain, Bali, Fiji. Please help, I am in need of suggestions for a family vacation in March for 10 days, it will be myself, my husband and our three kids 4,2 and 5 months.

I have no idea where to go, all I know is that I want to visit Europe. Greetings David! Thank you for an awesome family travel site. My main recommendation would be to take the train instead of driving. Much easier, more relaxing, and feels more like a trip to Europe. Take the train and your kids will remember for years running through the station, finding your seats, and the border guards walking down the aisles of the train. Drive a car and it will blend it with the trip to your hometown mall. Hi David, we are planning a trip from Australia to Europe in May for my brothers wedding and have a few things already planned but have another week up our sleeve and are not sure where to go.

For the extra days we were thinking either Berlin, Switzerland or somewhere else? Holly Henry. Switzerland has some wonderful cities and towns. Prague is high on my list of favorites. I want to travel to Europe from NYC for days in August with my husband and almost 2 year old son. We LOVE to travel. But we have never been to Europe. Instead of birthday parties for our son we decided we will celebrate his birthday in a different place of the world each year.

His first birthday was spent in Barbados. This year, we want a place in Europe where we can explore the culture, beaches, nature and food. We are looking for a family friendly escape that will not break the bank. Can you perhaps suggest your top choices so that we can have a starting point? Do you recommend Home rentals over hotels? ANY tips would be extremely helpful.

Fantastic beaches, great food, interesting history and culture, and pretty cheap for Europe. Could also do some island hopping to Paros, Mykonos, or Santorini as jumping on a ferry is always fun for kids and adults. For Naxos accommodations, using Booking. Hello David, we are planning to head to Europe in early February from warm sunny Singapore. Considering places like Paris, Rome, Barcelona or Switzerland. Will be travelling with a 3 year old and a 5 month old and the 3 year old requested to see snow for her first time. Any recommendations for which place has snow to play with but is baby friendly and child friendly?

There are lots of family friendly areas along the border where France, Switzerland, and Italy meet. A beautiful, family friendly area is Lake Annecy which is popular in both summer and winter due to its great skiing as well as cultural attractions. The lake is one of the most beautiful in Europe and the region is home to an ancient chateau.

The town of Annecy looks like it is out of a fairy tale and has a charming medieval quarter. Mont Blanc is covered in snow year round, even in summer. There are cable cars that take you up to the peaks where you can see panoramic views and glaciers. Lessons are even timed so that parents start their classes 15 minutes after the kids, and there is something for all ages. Hi there — I have a young son who will be 3 years old in March. I am looking for a place in Europe or Asia to vacation in March. I am wondering if you have any suggestions. Dena Murphy. The weather is still cool to cold in most of Europe in March.

If sun and sand are a priority then the islands of Thailand have great weather in March. Dear David We are from Australia but now live in Bucharest. We have 2 young sons and will be having visitors fro Australia for a few weeks in July. Somewhere not too expensive, but we almost have too much choice. What do you know about the Black Sea Coast? We have been looking at the Bulgarian coast. We need your help! We love Barcelona too. We will be travelling with a 5 and 3 year old, and more elderly parents.

Thank you in advance Frances Biffin. Greece can be pretty cheap if you plan ahead and find an inexpensive family-owned hotel with a kitchenette. Hi David, We are hoping to go to Europe this summer for 10 — 14 days still planning. We are a family of four — 2 adults and 2 children 18 months and 6 years old. What would you recommend? A couple of countries are possible as well since our time is pretty flexible.

Thanks for your help! Alyson Sagara. Nothing beats Greece for a family vacation. So much fun! We leave for Spain in a few days and I was thinking of taking our in-line double stroller its a city select by baby jogger. We will be in Barcelona for some time and Madrid for some time, spending all together 15 days traveling around. Our kids are 3yrs and 1. Do you advise taking a double stroller or two separate umbrella strollers?

My husband and i are planning a trip next year for my 30th birthday. Our son will be 1 yr old. Besides Barcelona, are there any other cities that you recommend while having in a mind a toddler? We are planning a trip for a week overseas. We have a 13 year old and 11 year old who have never been outside the US. Where would you recommend taking them for their first trip overseas? We would be going in mid April.

They love to travel and we want to make it special and fun for them! Take the Eurostar train kids love it from city to the other. So much to do in both cities and the big crowds will not have really kicked in yet. Weather could be surprisingly pleasant, though do pack for anything. Hello, We are looking to travel for New Years around December 28th — January 5, but flexible with dates! We usually go to Brazil, but we just come back from there. Where would you suggest that we all could enjoy a beautiful kid friendly celebration, nice food and a weather that is not so cold?

We already been to Paris and Italy. We are planning our first trip to Europe from Austraila. We have about 25 days to spend in Europe. We definitely want to see Paris and London. Rome is something we would like to see but not sure if its going to be challenge with a 4month old. Thanks for your time.

Amsterdam and Berlin are the two most pram-friendly cities in Europe. Nice and Barcelona are two other cities that are very easy to get around with kids and have a great family-friendly vibe. I am due to take my kids 3.

12 Best Places To Go In Europe With Kids – The Guide

I will be working during the day in Crouch End and my mother will be watching the kids during the day. Any recommendations on where to stay? It will be easier for me to travel to work than her to travel with 2 small kids each day. Crouch End is also fairly easy to get to on the tube from South Kensington tube, with a change at Leicester Square to the Northern Line.

The Science Museum has lots of hands-on sensory exhibits to play with and two areas specifically for toddlers.

How to go to London's top 50 visitor attractions by the Underground

South Kensington is also near Hyde Park, where your mother and the kids can go walking, feed the ducks and play on the playgrounds. Your mother could also take the kids on a boat from Westminster Pier to Tate Modern, where there are family activities on weekends 11am-4pm and digital sketch pads for the little ones to create their own masterpieces at the Bloomberg Connect Drawing Bar on Level 3 of the gallery.

As for apartments try booking. For flying, make it fun. Kids pick up on your energy. Thanks for your service with this blog very generous. I am moving with our 17 months daughter and husband to Dublin. We will have 6 weeks before he starts working in January so I am exploring options to travel in Europe with a baby in such cold weather.

Is that too much with a baby? We definitely could do it but never travelled to Europe with her before. Would love to do Sweden, and Denmark but not too sure about weather and kids-friendly options. Could you help a little to choose the right itinerary? So lost!!!! Thanks, Gabriela Romero. If it was me I would stick to the southern countries. Unless there is some specific appeal to northern Europe in winter I would save those countries for warmer months. Our family of five is moving to Spain in the new year kids: 5, 3, 1 , and we are starting to plan our first vacation. We would love to do a driving adventure in Ireland.

The countryside seems like it would be laid back with our collection of little people — and our kids would love the fairies, leprechauns, castles, etc. And, it will be nice to take a break in an English speaking country.

How To Use the Paris Metro - French Friday - LONG VERSION

Do you think we would be setting ourselves up for failure? Would we be better off starting elsewhere? I think it sounds great. Driving around Ireland is wonderful — so many beautiful places to stop. Great site!

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We are looking for a European destination for a short vacation, mid December. We are traveling with a 6 month old baby and a nine year old so we are mostly worried about the weather. I have a list pf places I would love to see — this is the first time there for any of us hopefully not the last. You could do a loop of Europe by train that would work quite well. You would need to cut a few destinations for time but otherwise it should be great. The destinations a little out of the way e.

Cinque Terra, Lake Bled are probably the most natural to skip. I am trying to plan a trip to Europe with my family of 6 plus my mother for June.

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My youngest child is 6 yr old and I am having a hard time finding a packaged vacation that allows for children that young. Do you happen to know of any good ones? But I always recommend that people book trips on their own find flights on Kayak. Hi David Any thoughts or suggestions on Iceland with a 9 yo girl?

We took our first European trip last year to London and now she has the travel bug. We are an adventure loving family of three who loves exploring the less touristy sites of any destination. We thought it could be an interesting trip Thank you, Amy in Orlando. Iceland is beautiful and a great destination for those who like a little or a lot of adventure. Rent a car and do a 7 to 10 day loop of the Ring Road. Hi David, I love your site and always enjoy reading your post. We will be visiting end of June through end of July We enjoy sightseeing, museums, architecture, food, people watching and beaches.

We will be doing Airbnb and Hostel for stay and mostly public transportation but a certain part of Spain might do a rental, just because it would be easier. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. We are simple budget travelers and love integrating with the local culture when we travel. I also speak Spanish fluently. Do at least one walking food tour and one cooking class. And kids generally love them. Hi David Awesome site.

We will be travelling with children aged 9 and 11 in September next year from Sydney. I have a few questions. Can you give me your suggested itinerary? Is there any other places you recommend we see? How would you travel between these places? Which islands in Greece do we definitely need to visit? Getting Around: London to Paris take the Eurostar train. Fly or train Paris to Barcelona. Fly to Italy, then train within Italy. Fly to Greece. In Greece: Naxos is the most kid-friendly and has great beaches.

Mykonos is busy but lots of fun. Ios has a handful of incredible beaches. This is great! Such a helpful resource. I am hoping to take my two children 9,8 to Europe next summer. We are flying into London, where I believe we will spend a week and perhaps go to Ireland. We would likely do Paris, Rome, Athens as home base but maybe some travel from there.

Do you have a recommendation for which you would choose and why? Nothing beats the Greek islands with kids. So relaxed easy-going island vibe , fun island hopping by ferry , and just this perennial summer-vacation feel beaches, food, late dinners. Lastly, is bringing a stroller on this trip a bad idea if we are unable to keep her content in the Ergo for long periods of time?

Prague, Florence, and Rome might be the 3 worst cities in Europe for a stroller, so yeah, not going to be much use for transport. But it can still be handy as a place to nap in museums and while eating out. A highlight of Florence is eating at one of the restaurants around Piazza Santo Spirito. Great vibe and lots of fun. Great for kids. Siena, San Gimignano, and Fiesole the closest are great day trips from Florence. We have been to Paris and London. Any recommendation for somewhere with a decent climate and a good home base with family friendly day trips?

It had also grown shabby round the edges. No longer. Bordeaux has had the renovators in with a vengeance. It dusts off the wine world, and gives it a playful sheen for the 21st-century. There are few more graceful urban sights in France than the miroir-d'eau reflecting the splendid Palais-de-la-Bourse. The best hotels in Bordeaux. Here, at the Machines-de-l'Ile, you may ride a foot diesel-driven elephant or bestride a giant jellyfish on Europe's most delirious roundabout. There are parks, gardens — and some of the quirkiest art installations I have seen. Use it as a base for exploring one of the loveliest stretches of the Auvergne, which features splendid uplands, lakes, churches, old-fashioned villages, and the startlingly good Vulcania volcano theme park.

The Spanish cities you'd never thought to visit but really should. Possibly this agreeableness is because the Lillois feel no need to impress. Paved with stone and lined with steeply gabled houses, handsome in brick and golden sandstone, its 17th- and 18th-century buildings — now elegant shops — hint at its Flemish roots. The city only became French when Louis X1V captured it in Lille, as the first stop on French soil for Eurostar trains, is also one of the easiest French cities to reach from the UK, with travel times from as little as 88 minutes.

The best hotels in Lille. Certainly," says Anthony Peregrine. The Mourillon district has beaches to rival any on the French Med, with a full range of bistros and other sand-side necessities. Further on, a craggier coast develops creeks where restaurants slot in among the shacks of ramshackle fishing outposts. Michael Brein's Guides give you the one thing all the other travel guides do not, namely, how to actually go to points of interest!

This powerful series provides you with compact, concise and comprehensive information in a small-footprint, map-fold format that fits conveniently in your pocket. Leave the big, bulky, heavy travel books in your room and don't leave your hotel without Michael Brein's Guides. And once you've used one of Michael's Guides, you'll want the others! In all my world travels, I saw the need to create an easy to use compact series of sightseeing guides that shows travelers exactly how they can go to tourist attractions using public transportation.

Believe it or not, until I created my new series, this just did not exist! Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 5 new copies. Book Description Brein Inc, Condition: New. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Seller Inventory M Book Description Michael Brein Inc,