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Missionary- with some perspectives on the future of mission. Authentic Hope- It's the end of the World as we know it, but soft landings are possible. Blessed are the virtuous? Walking with the poor- Principles and practices of transformational development. Discordia en la Casa de Abrahan.

Multicultural Ministry-Report of the first international Network forum held on Nov. My neighbor's Faith- Stories of Interreligious encounter, growth and transformation. E mons. Green and the dry wood- The Roman catholic church and the Namibian sociopolitical situation. Relationship between Igbo traditional spiritual values and the Igbo spiritan religious life, yesterday and today. Cone's-Black Theology and Black Power. Conscience and Catholic health care - From clinical contexts to Government Mandates. Plantain- An anthology of the writings of St. Pallottine fathers and brothers of the Immaculate conception province Pennsauken, NJ Grito del Sujeto.

Ambassadors of Reconciliation-New testament reflections on restorative Justice and Peacemaking. Building Peace on earth - Report of the international ecumenical peace Convocation. The sum of his creations and collaborations came together in the concept that is known today as the Daniel Abreu Company. He has created more than 30 dance works, which have been presented in 17 countries in Asia, Europe and South and Central America.

During the year he won many prizes and some of his pieces have been selected for the Spanish Circuito de la Red de Teatros Alternativos from to , and his works Perro and Equilibrio have been part of Aerowaves in and The collective is shaped thanks to an artistic democratic practice that takes into account many different points of view, those of the dancers in the first place, but also of all the artists with which the collective decides to cooperate. Fattoria Vittadini strongly believes that the best way to express is own art coherently and meaningfully is through the idea of collective itself and in the honest shared work of the group.

At the same time, pursues the idea of supporting the individuality, allowing the eleven dancers to deepen their own personal research, within the collective or in external projects. Because of this fluid structure, Fattoria Vittadini is a group particularly eclectic and versatile, able to put itself out there with different choreographers and external collaborators, adapting its own style to the variety of artistic languages proposed, increasing the level of expertise and also enriching the artistic path both for the collective and the dancers.

In Unraveled Heroes, choreographer Maya M. Landmarks, time cycles, chronologies and interactions are made up, as the playground of imagination becomes an event of profound existence.

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Residue and resonance become a climate under which all performers exist with endurance, desire, struggle and vulnerability. Unraveled Heroes exposes intimate realities against epic myths.

Fiction and reality are fused in a journey of collective subconscious as the performers shift between extreme states. Familiar habitats become an illusion of protection, from which the players are compelled to travel away, following their unraveling future. Maya Matilda Carroll is an independent choreographer, dancer and teacher, based in Berlin since In the past twelve years Maya has made works from solo to extended group pieces, collaborated with other dance, music and visual artists from all over the world.

Maya has been making dance independently as well as being commissioned to create pieces for state companies, independent companies and dance academies. Performers: Francesca Penzo, Tamar Grosz. The piece will lure you into an internal world of two women on stage. The dancers will demonstrate with their presence the nature of life that life, that runs throw us all regardless of our modern times. They will charge the space for you. The work has involved the collaboration of many artists who shared and contributed to the female and feminist vision that characterizes the work.

We are really grateful to all those people who have accompanied us in this research time including the audience, hoping to have enabled them to rediscover their female human nature. Woman, Italian, choreographer, artist and performer based in Bologna. She is a founding performer of the Italian contemporary dance company, Fattoria Vittadini, whom she has danced with since For the past three years Penzo has developed her personal process as author and choreographer through collaborations with visual artists, musicians and lighting designers.

Distribuzione:Live Arts Management. Produzione:Evolution Dance Theater. Be transported into a magical realm , where we discover what happens under the moonlight, when the world is dreaming …. In the night Garden. Bioluminescent creatures play in a glowing new world, where shadows have color, the landscape is painted with light, and the laws of nature are transformed into a surrealistic , glowing , fascinating new reality!

An inventive, exciting, and visually stunning evening of Theatrical Magic. There is a magical moment , between day and night , that transforms the landscape and sensations. This change of light awakens our more primitive instincts. The day of work is done, and we enter the twilight, a moment to reflect, and dream about tomorrow. And we go inside to the warmth and light of our fires. But a whole other world, outside, is just waking up ….

Discover for yourself what lies behind the hidden veil of the Night Garden, Where nothing is as it seems……. For the last seven years touring the world captivating sold-out audiences with their unique performances. Founded by The american artist, Anthony Heinl, and based in Rome Italy, Evolution Dance Theater is dedicated to creating new and innovative techniques for the stage, Using an exciting mix of science and art to create a truly unique experience.

He received the Jan Veen award for excellence in May He participated closely in the artistic creative process of the company through- out his five years there. In he founded is own dance company called eVolution Dance Theater. The company has for the last years toured to great international success captivating audiences with their unique performances. Using an exciting mix of science and art to create a truly unique experience. The actors land on the stage and they come in the story firmly, like warriors ready to fight. Hatred, resentment, thirst for power, stupidity, jealousy, greed, fear, inability to distinguish right from wrong, right from wrong, reality from fantasies.

At the mercy of a furious storm that strikes everywhere to remind us how fragile we are, and it slap us as if we had lost consciense, then it suddenly subsides. Laura Corradi trained in Paris where she also had her first professional dancing experiences; this period, from to was the most important period for her dance studies.

Here she had the opportunity to study with some of the most important choreographers of the French Nouvelle Dance, including Carolin Carlson. In addition to performances, she is involved in training, holding workshops and seminars in many cities in Italy. For the last four years she has served as artistic and technical director of the Advanced Course for Professional Dancers held in Verona in collaboration with the Veneto Region and Arteven. ErsiliaDanza was founded in by Laura Corradi. She's an italian dancer and choreographer mainly trained in Paris, where she studied with some of the most important choreographers of the French Nouvelle Dance, including Carolin Carlson.

Since all the Ersilia's productions are supported by Ministery of Culture and Regione del Veneto. Performers: serena angelini, beatrice netti, albanese antonella, nicola de pascale. We talk about time constantly. What we actually mean is duration, the time it takes between sunrise and sunset for example. Time is therefore a real thing and we can experience the passing of time in a concrete way almost as though it were a tangible object. But when the time-spans become longer, it becomes increasingly difficult to comprehend.

The life-time between our birth and death is actually hard to really grasp. We wake up every morning and go to bed every night but do we really experience how our time is slowly running out? Longer periods of time remain a mystery. In the beginning of mankind time must have been experienced quite differently.

One orientated oneself according to the movement of the sun and other natural phenomena. In order to give time a comprehensible structure and form mankind invented the clock and divided time into definable units. From then on it was possible to measure the passing of time exactly. The clock had made time concrete; into hours, minutes and seconds. But does this system really explain time adequately? Is there such a thing as an objective time, valid and applicable for all people and situations? As we have surely all experienced the way and speed in which time passes is often quite different.

When one is waiting impatiently for something to happen it appears to slow down. A few minutes can drag themselves out into what seems like an eternity. These thoughts led to the creation of our piece in which we try to illustrate time in terms of movement. We want to try to experiment in a playful way with the notion of time, stopping it, delaying its progress, experiencing it backwards or disconnected. Since time is relative our movements may therefore not always be simultaneous or in the same ti. In he moved to the Tiroler Landestheater Innsbruck in Austria. Matthias Kass was born in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

The company Equilibrio Dinamico was born in under the artistic direction of Roberta Ferrara and was created with the purpose of work and experimental research within the field of contemporary dance. It was hosted in the programs and festivals nationally and internationally in particular the international festival Interdans -BE- EDC, alongside the resident experimental project has hosted international choreographers such as; I.

Perez, I. Ansa, M. Morau, A. Tudisco, Laccio, E. Schiavulli, A. Disanto, G. His professional path starts with hip hop technique and urban styles. He descovered in a second moment contemporary dance, contact and floor work. He is a dancer and a dance assistant in the dance company DaCru. During his very young age, he started an intens didactic work in the major professional dance centers all over Italy Opus Ballet, FI. In a transformation occurs and starts a new course of the company, conceived by the artistic direction of Virginia Spallarossa and Gilles Toutevoix.

Performers: Vittoria De Ferrari Sapetto. In an intimate and private space a single woman guides the audience into a simple game that will attempt to bring a change of perspective to the way we observe and look at each other and will suggest a possibility and a mutation of prejudice in our cultural experience. The close encounter with a different image of woman and the experience of sharing a small space, intend to push the perspective towards a personal way of looking and seeing, that makes everyone reflecting on the female condition in all circumstances and in all societies.


Spettacolodalvivo and Spazio MIL. There are infinite coincidences which create infinite combination of letters and every message they create is never been written. The date of our birth, the way in which we will die, the name of every person we know and the one of every person who is never existed, the genetic code of every organism ever existed on earth and in the universe, the answer to every question we asked and to those we will never ask, every published and written book.

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All this is written in a string of number. Every moment that existed, is existing, will exist, or every moment never existed and will never exist is here, within the relationship between a circumference and its diameter. In she has founded Pandanz, and she is the artistic director of the international festival, Pillole, somministrazioni di danza d'autore and Vuoti Urbani.

Composer Dan Kinzelman and choreographer Daniele Ninarello meet for the first time on a common ground for exploration: space as a place in which to exercise and transfigure the physical and sonic body, its transience, its impermanence, the struggle to resist. Dan Kinzelman performs a suite of improvised music, mixing synthesis, noise and feedback together with the sounds of his saxophone and voice, creating complex, stratified textures with the help of a loop station.

In composing the choreographic part, Daniele Ninarello not only explores his familiar field of instant composition, but works within a territory created by the constant dialogue with the soundscape and the information he receives from it, to contact the invisible threads that bind body and space. The experimentation with sound and with the body thus tends to translate the perceptive elements that make the evolution of the human figure visible. Something inside the body vibrates constantly like a threat: it is chaos, the inner noise of scars and thoughts.

And this is true for everyone. Only dance can gradually bring these traces into the here and now. And wipe the gaze clean, find peace. Like a true physical mantra to explore in its continuity: the mute perimeter of properly unshackled thought. Dan Kinzelman was born in the United States but has been living in Italy since He quickly rose to prominence on the Italian scene, joining the band of Italian trumpet legend Enrico Rava where he worked as soloist, arranger and musical director, and collaborating with emerging talents of his own generation such as Giovanni Guidi, Simone Graziano and William Tatge.

His work is characterized by a strongly irreverent streak, mixing a profound knowledge of jazz history with a voracious appetite for risk and sonic exploration. His projects are difficult to categorize, often combining wildly distant musical languages into something disquieting but at the same time seductive, their aesthetic coherence deriving paradoxically from the extreme contrasts between the elements at play. His bands have performed in Europe and the USA.

A vision of war that was born from the testaments, from the letters that the soldiers write after a few hours, after a few days, from the fighting, and after seeing comrades falling, yet with the death in the eyes and the breath on their neck. They are the letters sent to mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, loved ones, in which you pass from the tragic tone of the battle which just ended to the special and affectionate memories, even to the description of the funny episodes, or fatuous events.

The human that appears from the letters, is the only chance of survival. When the fatigue, and the cruelty of trench warfare becomes intolerable, it takes over the fulfillment, the joy of the small things, the laugh to the inadequacy and even a louse preventing from sleeping becomes a source of laugh. It is the desperate cry that comes out with urgency.

And the women? They are girlfriends, wives, which should alone carry on the house and raising children, those who are silent and work. There are the red cross nurses who share the sufferings of war, love, and makinf efforts for life or for an acceptable death. They are also prostitutes. They all are women that help the men in war to survive. The show is structured in a counterpoint style between the dramatic and ironic, even playful and fun, even through the use of dialects, which wants to highlight how in extreme situations and tragic events such as wars, humanity always bursts, sudden, and makes us wonder if it makes sense to kill one another, whether it is right to surrender to the domination of barbarism.

In , she is co-founder of the Consortium Con. Since December , she has been the third-ranked in the ranking of the teaching of Directing and dramaturgy in the dance of the National Dance Academy. The Company, directed by the choreographer Flavia Bucciero, features a curriculum and an activity of thirty years in the field of dance and dance theatre at national and international level. The production activities have always been oriented towards the integration of different people and communities, and towards the valorisation of differences. It is a contemporary choreographic research with deep roots in mediterranean cultures, a strong relationship between movement and music, with visual art and with places of artistic-architectural interest.

The company Movimentoinactor is co-founder of Con.

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Destinata guerriera investigate the warrior-woman figure that appears in Renaissance poems of chivalry. While the ends of the blessed and playful time of her childhood approaches, this woman comes to apprehend her destiny and begins to develop those that will have to be her fundamental qualities: force, courage, determination. She is a woman, but she is obliged to leave her femininity and wear the chivalric armor, which will make her indistinguishable from cavaliers. Being Diana devotee, she is destined to vierginity.

She is not allowed to love; or she is forced to conceal her romantic feelings. This is what the warrior woman must look like: strong, brave, determined and indiscernible from men. But behind this appearance hide the delicate femininity, the sweet sensuality and the capability to love of this young girl, who cannot reveal her real feelings. Having no other choice than following her fate, this woman becomes persuaded that she is not a delicate girl but a warrior woman: she hides her long hair, she leaves her white gown and she wears the dress that will hide her feminine figure.

Upon taking over her new dress and her new appearance, the warrior woman is ready to fight.

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This work invites to reflect about the role of women not only in the mythic-literary context but also in the contemporary world, where the complexity of female identity is still an unsolved issue. Today women find themselves occupying roles that for long time have been strictly masculine. Born in , Isabella Giustina starts studying dance in In she moves to Florence where she attends the dance professional academy Opus Ballet and the vocational training in Nikolais technique held by Simona Bucci and Paolo Mereu.

She studies in Bruxelles with international choreographers. She attends masterclasses with Carolyn Carlson and German Jauregui. Performers: Claudia Catarzi, Michal Mualem. These first four elements have marked the direction for the creation of an environment, a physical-mental state, a rapport of events. In this tableau events unfold one after the other and are twisted together in a musical score made of references in constant metamorphosis. The choreography is punctuated by pauses, different speeds of bodies, processing of delays or advances, and faces the result of simultaneity and casualness.

Time can set up these elements in various ways, in conformations that at any instant might evoke stories, not faithful to a narrative sense, but rather constant in their metamorphosis. Time changes encounters and connections, then shapes the result of the material forms it encounters. She works then at personal projects, such as Qui, ora, winner of several awards, presented in Aerowaves Spring Forward Festival and in the italian platform NID Her solo The choreography jostles the idea of transformation freely playing with the movement between identities, parts, roles, values and gender.

This essence is similar to that of Grace, pleasant yet fleeting. Here, this sensual quality reflects bright and clear in the scenic action, yet also strikes into somewhat perturbing shadows. Choreographer, dancer, vocalist. After obtaining a traditional education in modern and classical dance at the University of Utah from '79 to In she co-founder director and choreographer with Alessandro Certini of Company Blu. Alessandro Certini and Charlotte Zerbey conducted their technical and artistic development of contemporary dance work in various European countries since and in founded Company Blu in Florence, Italy.

Vangelo secondo Luca 14, 25-35. Padre Silvano Fausti sj

Anna and Arianna, thirteen and fifteen years old, are the weavers of the choreographic plot. Their dance becomes the landscape in which to explore sudden epiphanies, the plot of wishes and surprise, the impossibility to stop. The growing body throws itself and overlaps the mature one. The adult observes the teenager and internalizes electric impulses and peremptory exercises. The just learned knowledge becomes embedded and sets itself up to the next vertigo. And the horizon stays suspended between the possibility of falling or elevation.

Choreographer and dancer, Simone Bertozzi lives in Bologna, where she graduated in Dams. After studying gymnastic and ballet, she improves her contemporary dance training in Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and UK. In her works the connections with visual arts, sciences and anthropology conducts the body language toward the complexity of the creative process and his dialogue with the contemporaneity. Since she is also involved in the creation of choreographies for teenagers.

In her works, choreography appears as a landscape of events, an architectural system where each movement cannot exist without the clear perception of the ambient where it takes place. Since she is also involved in the creation of choreography for kids. To do so in an contemporary vision, the choreographer has started the project from an analysis of the original musical score from the composer Valentino Bucchi that has been inspired from Luchino Visconti.

A very tangled score, as intricate as the storytelling, the result of a collaboration among a musician, a director and, this time, a choreographer. A contemporary work based on the relation between the research of a new body language and a gesture belonging to our Italian history. Samuele Cardini is a dancer, a teacher and a choreographer based in Florence.

After is studies with Rosanna Brocanello and Marga Nativo, he has been a stager for the young Compagnia Opus Ballet and a dancer for Compagnia Virgilio Sieni, where he will remain for six years even collaborating as a choreographer. After this experience Samuele Cardini has start working with other choreographers, with great success. At the moment, beside is personal artistic research as dancer and choreographer, is the artistic director of R. Featuring multiple techniques and styles, through a group of extraordinary choreographers, artists and residencies to which the dancers with their great flexibility have constant access for limitless renewal open to experimentation.

Since its inception, the company avails itself of the collaboration of important national and international choreographers such as Loris Petrillo, Patrick King, Peter Mika, Corinne Lanselle, German Jareguie, and Vasco Wellenkamp. The Company receives the support of the Tuscany Region and presents its choreography in important national and international contests and festivals. With his new production Bolero, Loris Petrillo extrapolates a classic of the repertoire from their historical setting and transforming it into a contemporary esthetic. Doing so, the choreographer continues his personal research based on an extreme version of the ballet repertoire increasing the vision through his physical language.

In the specific, Bolero is choosed as a transparent pretext for testing the physical possibilities of the dancers in order to develop a sort of game between rhythms and choreographical pattern. The male dancers appear as ancestral figures or perhaps as fighters in the battlefield; reason why behind their moving bodies the audience can assist to a screening of images from indigenous Maori involved in an Haka. Loris Petrillo ends his studies in ballet and contemporary dance between Italy and France. Highly relevant is the meeting with Dan Moisev in Paris, which helps him in the begging of his career.

In the choreographer found his own company, Compagnia Petrillo Danza, for which he creates a rich repertoire of productions regarding social, political and cultural matters. The author: Luigi Martelletta Regista e coreografo. Performers: Compagnia Nazioanale e Coppia Ospite. The original choreography of the classical repertoire in fact has never emphasized some aspects of the book, but in this version we would like to examine and dissect; the theatrical classical dramaturgy of the ballet in fact, is abandoned in favor of a form of re-appropriation of reality and common experience based on particular situations and individual gathered together in large collages and faceted, according to a research methodology and gradual progress.

Strongly linked to academic tradition, Luigi Martelletta propose a leaner work stylistically, more lively, lightening all the mannerisms and pantomimes that are part of the classical repertoire, while maintaining the original choreography by presenting all those dances and danced that route that many know and expect: the swans, the Spanish dance, the Russian dance, the waltz, the pas de deux, and more..

The particularity of this show consists in the ability to combine fantasy and reality, to offer live and very current, while abiding in his expressive planet that smacks of old, already seen, already experienced. The neoclassical ideal of absolute beauty, regulated by an imperturbable order, is the all-encompassing goal of creation. Luigi Martelletta began his studies at age six at the dance school of the State Opera of Rome, at only sixteen he joined the company and, at 19, became its principal dancer.

Dance with Carla Fracci and Nureyev R. Signing countless choreography participated in numerous television programs and directs L'Atelier of Dance in Rome. The collaboration with his friend and choreographer continues on subsequent performances:The Company uses its birth the same artistic core of classic extraction that over the years perfected andgrew artistically, reaching a high level so that some elements were called directly from Operaticorganizations and foreign Companies.

The shows sold out in all major Italian theaters and even affect extra-European destinations such as Turkey and Ethiopia. The Act your Age European Project sparked a period of research into the world of entertainment. The ensuing reflections led to a further development, West End. The undeniable relationship between the West and its decline imposed the choice of a certain gaze. Ours is not an utterly dramatic gaze because it plays to the rhythm of tap dance. Through energy and light-heartedness, this performance celebrates ashes and rebirth, flying through a trajectory of quotations and facing the inevitable issue of why we feel Western, while we deal with a feeling of defeat hanging in the air.

What would our answer be, should anyone ask us, today, now that we don't seem to be equipped for achieving completeness and joy? Maker and perfomer Chiara Frigo develops her work in the field of contemporary dance and performing arts. Graduated in molecular biology, in her first creation Corpo in DoppiaElica was awarded the third prize at 10th Festival Choreographers Miniatures in Belgrade. She is now engaged in the creation of a piece for Balletto di Roma, and in her new solo Himalaya, which will have a preview in August at Bmotion Festival.

The company was founded in by Luciano Padovani and Francesca Mosele. The administrative and operational centre of the company is in Vicenza Italia. The company is constantly developing a research work in the field of contemporary dance, tango and new artistic languages. The need to feel, to perceive something like Grace, so far from the present, drives the project.

A garden is its scenery. That image, in its turn, carries the ideas of perfection, of a relationship with nature and of a negotiation between what is inside and what is outside. The garden was also the ambiguous mirror of a political civilization. Similar issues recur today in a radically changed context that nonetheless forces us to pay attention to the concentration of power, to the control of nature, to the border management between the inside and the outside, to beauty and form.

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However, it seems that the grace is the only element that has been left behind. How to imagine it? The dramaturgical strategy that underpins the project is the assumption that a gesture of a distracted forgetfulness separated us from the idea of grace. That gesture has froze, in a bubble of oblivion, gardens, gardeners, and the civilizations that strolled inside. We can imagine of being ravished in a different age.

A suspended, dreamlike journey begins. Four dancers explore the atmosphere of the garden, experiment its aesthetics and negotiate once again the composition of a minimum political community. In spite of the fascination for this archetypical place, grace can no longer be a formal ideal, but it is rather a form of deep contact with reality: being touched by it.

Just because of that the four gardeners sink to the roots of the garden. This falling, which leads us away from the ideal, may paradoxically bring us closer to grace because of the distance that separates us from it. Being graceful in the proximity to the materiality of life, toward the kicking substance, letting her be more than controlling it. This is at stake for us when we think of grace. Since she works in the Rui Horta Dance Company. In the Portuguese choreographer creates for her the dance solo Danza Preparata, with which she crossed the most important European Festivals.

In she became assistant in the Rui Horta Dance Company. In she collaborated with Teatro Sociale di Sondrio in the contemporary opera Alteramy. Store:Kindle eBooks:eBooks in Foreign Languages:By Language:Italian:Religion

The company constantly develops a research work in the field of contemporary dance, tango and new artistic languages. Comune di Comacchio and Arco Danza. All the rest is formal. The opium poppy is the flower consecrated to mythological Greek goddess Demetra: only drinking the flower's nectar she could alleviate the pain of the terrible loss of her daughter. Sleeping was the only condition to stand the reality and the unbearable awareness of death.

The reference to the Greek goddess Demetra's myth is the inspiring idea behind this production, because the pain perceived is authentic, a real tragedy in an everyday-life context. Like her, the dancer of "Opium" is invaded by the same unbearable and excruciating pain. Looking for a way out. But escape is impossible. Opium that envelops the soul, light as a feather, is only a deception, because when you wake up, here is the return to the cage of reality.

On the stage the pain of the loss, the most agonizing for a mother. Differently from the myth which sees Demetra finding a relief drinking the opium nectar, in real life, this remedy is temporary and fleeting. Naked on stage, the dancer tries to overcome the anguish and fear. With the pain that endures and remains, despite everything. Francesca Selva is an Italian-French choreograph. In this period she participated in many tours produced by the International Ballet Centrum M. Tietz working with Sylvie Guillem and Rudolph Nureyev. Francesca Selva founded his own company in and made his debut successfully in Split in occasion of the "Summer Festival".

Since the Company is funded by the Tuscany Region and since is funded by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of the Italian Republic, which recognized her professional and artistic merits. In the show "Sulle labbra tue dolcissime" won the Florence for Fringe and is selected as the representative of Italy at the Edinburgh Festival. The choreographer Raphael Bianco and the visual artist Matteo Stocco, are sharing a new perspective of Faust by Goethe in which an important role is played by the vain web power and where the choreographic installation allows the audience to experience different performative codes.

Bianco and Stocco, is focused on knowledge, even the most hidden and secret. A landscape of sound, visual art and physicality where the spectator is accompained to probe impulses, feelings and situations and unspeakable unmentionable but at the same time extremely attractive. Prohibited practices that arouse the most morbid curiosity and permeate the human soul, which remains, however: an impenetrable mystery beyond all understanding.

Born in Bombay, India, Raphael Bianco began studying classical and contemporary dance at the school of Susanna Egri at the age of twelve. Johanssen, Solvi Edvardsen, Arne Fogerholt. Gallotta, C. Since he is co-director and resident choreographer of the EgriBiancoDanza. The aesthetic and poetic of Raphael Bianco is rooted on the academic vocabulary developed together with new and different style of contemporary dance.

The Company EgriBiancoDanza has 7 dancers, all coming from high level professional dance experiences. Its choreographic style is based on a solid ballet training, mixed up with the variety of styles of contemporary works. As a consequence its repertory is made of both neoclassical ballets and contemporary dance choreographies, beside an innovative research in the field of community works, sitespecific and installation. Since EgriBiancoDanza has been invited with the choreographies of R.

Main Sponsor Studio Rolla. Gennaro Cimmino has been studying dance since , and after exploring many different styles, at the beginning of the s he began a period of research which led him to concentrate on Contemporary Dance. At the same time he met Maurice Bejart, who directed him towards choreography. His research on movement led him to work in the world of contemporary art, with performances in Italian and European art galleries and museums. Maione Elicantropo Theater Piel. Barassi , 6 7 8 ott. The anesthesia of feelings is a psychiatric condition that came to light in the '70s.

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