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That is the most beautiful reason for opening oneself up to life with joy. We can choose not to act, and that is the most beautiful reason for acting. We bear within ourselves the potency of all the acts we are capable of, and no boss will ever be able to deprive us of the possibility of saying no. What we are and what we want begins with a no.

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From it is born the only reason for getting up in the morning. From it is born the only reason for going armed to the assault of an order that is suffocating us. On the one hand there is the existent, with its habits and certainties.

And of certainty, that social poison, one can die. On the other hand there is insurrection, the unknown bursting into the life of all. The possible beginning of an exaggerated practice of freedom. Since then, both families were at daggers drawn with each other.

A I WOULD have thought it was better to have the two women being good friends rather than at daggers drawn like some wives and ex wives.

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But after 10 years at daggers drawn they slowly calmed down, and these days are the best of friends. The Insider: DJ rivals. You know that two people are at daggers drawn when they make a direct statement claiming to be united,'' said Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Matthew Taylor.

Blair and Brown try to prove unity on Euro.

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The students are at daggers drawn in the white versus black conflict but it's football that unites the school, then the community. The man who played James Bond - the most famous big-screen spy in the world - is at daggers drawn with British Nuclear Fuels Ltd after they used his picture in their magazine.

At Daggers Drawn

Connery ballistic over his nuclear hijack. The firebrand, who is at daggers drawn with the PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari, never lets a chance to take a poke his former close friend go to waste. Zardari has committed political suicide, Mirza says.

Indeed, so acute is the problem, that there are problems within a force, as is the case with Mumbai where the anti- terrorist squad has been traditionally at daggers drawn with the crime branch. A problem of plenty.

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Fat Boy runs afoul of Whitney, and Pat and Peggy are still at daggers drawn. I get on well with the younger one, but his older sister and me are at daggers drawn. With the election looming and with Tony Blair and Prime Minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown at daggers drawn , the play has never been more apt. It is to be mentioned here that in recent past the two parties have been at daggers drawn amid the PTI antigovernment movement.