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A color may also be in the sequence more than once red, white, red, blue, green. You should be able to make at least one single crochet and chain one per color, though three or more single crochet and chain ones is a little easier to see. I personally prefer yarns where each color is at least 7—10 inches long. I had a lot of trouble with yarn that had all short colors— two stitches each. And by trouble, I mean some colors only got one stitch because I just could not get a second one.

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Only my bullheadedness kept me crocheting with that yarn! Longer color sequences will make wider scarves. Shorter sequences make narrower scarves. For the most part, you can use any size hook you want. You will be crocheting through the entire color sequence in the first row then pulling out the last single crochet and chain one. If you use a large hook, you will make fewer but larger stitches. If you use a smaller hook, you will make more but smaller stitches. You may get stitches that are half of one color and half the next.

Or adjust the hook size so all the stitches are just one color. Caveat : Hook size will matter if you are trying to follow a pattern for a specific colorway. Rule 3 : To start, single crochet and chain one the moss stitch through the entire color sequence.

This is Row 1. For Row 2, pull out the last single crochet and chain one of Row 1 and turn. Chain 2, single crochet in the chain one of the row below, chain one, skip one, continue the moss stitch to the end. Theoretically, you should be able to tell if you are doing the argyle correctly on Row 3. After making several projects, I could actually tell by Row 3 if I was getting the argyle pattern, but when I first started doing the argyle pattern, it took a few more rows for me to recognize what was happening.

The Tell : Begin every row with a chain 2, and then continue the moss stitch. In Row 3, each color should be the same color as the one two rows below, only over one stitch. The new color should start one single crochet stitch after it did two rows below. In other words, each color should be shifting over one stitch because of that single crochet and chain one you pulled out of Row 1. Caveat : The new color is supposed to start one stitch later than it did two rows below, but 9 times out of 10, it started one stitch before for me.

This fact leads to Rule 4. Rule 4 : Each color should shift one stitch compared to that same color two rows below. If it starts one stitch before that color two rows below, make sure every color starts one stitch earlier. If it starts one stitch later, then make sure every color starts one color later. Rule 5 : You will have to adjust your tension to make sure Rule 4 keeps happening. Because of the dyeing process, each color length in the sequence may vary slightly.

To keep the argyle pattern working, you may have to frog rip out your project a little to crochet tighter or more loosely to make sure you keep getting the single crochets to start one stitch earlier or later. The perfect scarf will have the stitches shift one in every row for every color. But no one is perfect, or should I say, no yarn is perfect. Caveat : Sometimes as I worked through rules 4 and 5, a correction on one color meant future colors would not shift, no matter how tightly or loosely I crocheted.

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