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Meyer, C. English corpus linguistics: An introduction.

HG3051: Corpus Linguistics

Cambridge University Press. Edinburgh University Press. Baker et al. McEnery, T. Corpus linguistics: Method, theory and practice.

LING 2050 Special Topics in Linguistics: Corpus Linguistics

Although this book is not exactly suited for complete beginners , it was the first book I had personally read when I intially entered into the field of Corpus Linguistics. Additionally, I am sure all corpus linguists will agree that this book is a must have for anybody interested in Corpus Linguistics. Hunston, S. Corpora in Applied linguistics.

What is corpus linguistics?

No list of corpus-related reading material would be complete without mentioning Susan Hunston , who has made an immense contribution to the field of Corpus Linguistics. Especially the latter describes the term that is relevant for this paper. To serve as an illustration of a specific language already names a significant feature of corpora which will be dealt with in detail later in this paper.

1. Introduction

But how does such a corpus look like? Nowadays, most corpora are computer-processed.

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They are huge collections of written and spoken material from different sources of all kinds of fields. The samples are collected with specific criteria in mind to serve as a representative of a language, or a certain field of language. There are many different kinds of corpora that focus on different aspects of language, e. Aston and Burnard , 10ff.

English Linguistics : Corpus Linguistics

As it has been said above, the samples in a corpus are selected according to particular criteria, depending on its purpose. The biggest advantage of a corpus for linguists is its size.

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  • The history of corpus linguistics only dates back to the s, and even shorter is the history of computer-processable corpora. Before they had the possibility to browse large corpora for signs for language rules, linguists were working a lot with introspection. For grammarians, a corpus provides, due to its size, information about the frequency of certain combinations of words and about sentence structure; lexicographers use it to find out the frequency of words, which is useful e.

    Table of Contents

    Also, information about different uses of words, register, diachronic varieties and different uses of language in general can be found. In his introduction at the Nobel Symposium 82 in , Jan Svartvik names several reasons for using a corpus. Press, References : All topics Martin Wynne editor. Oxford: Oxbow Books. Available online from this [ link ] John Sinclair.

    Definition and Examples of Corpus Linguistics

    Oxford: Oxbow Books: Available online from this [ link ] [ b ] Christopher D. Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing. MIT Press.

    Klein and E. Natural Language Processing with Python.