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Is he any good? We can live with that, no problem.

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In one short and very sweet debut collection, Fionn Regan managed to shatter the po-faced stereotype of the singer- songwriter. With its liberal sprinkling of humour and literary references, The End of History gave us surreal stories with a philosophical heart. The Wicklow man has carved out a profile outside of Ireland thanks to subversive tales about life and growing up.

A follow-up album is slated for A drummer from the Marble City, Jeremy Hickey finds himself on this list chiefly because of his Organic Sampler album from last year. While Hickey may have gained some traction for his previous work with Blue Ghost, it was that album and the one-man live shows which came with it that really pulled in the rave reviews.

One Direction and Nick Jonas Are Changing the Rules About How Boy Bands Grow Up

The best thing to come out of Kilkenny since Henry Sheflin. For 20 years, Hansard and co have been at the forefront of Irish rock and have seen their star continue to rise abroad. Back in , Dublin duo Halfset released their debut album, Dramanalog. That the release revisited the kind of album cover that a totally skint Pink Floyd might have used in the s was one thing; that the music was a seriously astute mixture of gleaming, glitch-free ambient and stirring, effortlessly smooth electronica was another.

Finally, Halfset had arrived. An all-too obvious liking for Talking Heads notwithstanding eg, single The Great Defector , it seems that Bell X1 are refusing to give up. Likeable guys getting ruthless on our asses? Bring it on. Later this month, Adrian Crowley will release his fifth album, Season of the Sparks. He capitalised on the last release through tours with Silver Jews, James Yorkston and Vetiver, so it will be interesting to note just how well the new album will be received.

When Moloko cracked the charts in with the club classic Sing It Back many assumptions were made about the female singer. Pushing through disco house to the darker ends of electronica, she wears her influences and some pretty crazy haute couture costumes on her sleeve. Her post-modern take on electro-pop icluded various styles and genres.


Her album Overpowered was nominated for the Choice Music Prize, and her vocal performance on the night - from heart-broken whisper to diva holler - left the crowd gasping. A talented innovator and unique musician possessed of a sublime voice. Not so. Hey Lisa - we loved you first.

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Ireland has, quite simply, never seen a band like Fight Like Apes. An album to fall instantantly in love with, it exhibited a singer and songwriter who had come on in great strides in just three short years. Her live performances have been consistently enriching - witness her tremendous Electric Picnic performance last year which even Elbow failed to worm their way into the packed tent to witness. A dream signing to V2 Records turned sour when the label folded in , but Egan rose from the ashes, re-signed to The Co-Op and released a Choice Music Prize-winning record of heart-soaringly, lovingly crafted electro-pop songs that are as endearing as they are enduring.

Forget the irrelevant fact that he may or may not be a nice guy: above all, Egan is a master songwriter with an extremely exciting creative vision, and is an absolutely vital component of the Irish music scene.

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It has been one hell of a trip. I mean, who would have thought that David Holmes would end up scoring movies in Hollywood?

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  8. Certainly not any of those who paid him to cut their hair when he was a young hairdresser in a salon called Zakk's in Belfast. The rise and rise of David Holmes is quite marvellous to behold. At every juncture, from the days when his Sugar Sweet club was one of the very best techno nights out in Europe to last year's remarkable The Holy Pictures album, Holmes has demonstrated a sure-fire ability to shake things up and move the story on.

    He has never been afraid to do the unexpected. After all, Holmes could have become another techno kingpin or taken all the Hollywood work he could handle and live the Vinny Chase lifestyle in La-La-Land, but he chose other avenues. Even after the huge love for last year's album, you can be sure that his next steps will take him in yet another direction.

    From late onwards, the pair would rock the city's art college once a month with such guests as Orbital, Sabres Of Paradise, Chemical Brothers, Slam and the other figureheads of that era. It was around then that Holmes began to cut his teeth in the studio. But Holmes knew he was just starting out and there was a long way to go. When I listen to something like De Niro now, I cringe a bit.

    I've covered a lot of ground since then. His first couple of albums saw him doing that and more. Given the hugely cinematic quality of his work and the fact that Holmes spoke regularly of his desire to score movies in interviews, film-makers were soon on the phone. He was tapped for the score for the Shankhill Butchers flick Resurrection Man before Hollywood came calling.

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    Holmes began a long and prosperous relationship with director Steven Soderbergh with on the score for Out Of Sight. I don't see the need to go to live somewhere else. I can fly to LA to do a film, but I do come back," Holmes told one interviewer. Last year saw Holmes coming home in a creative sense. The Holy Pictures was a record about Holmes and his people. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile.

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    Most Viewed Stories. By Katy Schneider and Jane Drinkard. After school and on weekends, Styles worked at the W. Mandeville bakery in Holmes Chapel. He was cut before the finals, but in a surprise move, judges Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell put him together with fellow competitors Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik to form a new group act for the remainder of the competition. Performing as One Direction a name reportedly suggested by Styles , the five boys became one of the most popular contenders in the X Factor finals that season.

    Although they finished the competition in third place, they were immediately signed to Cowell's Syco music label. Styles is the youngest member of One Direction, and his curly hair, wide smile and sweet-yet-naughty demeanor have made him a fan favorite. He sang some of the lead vocals on the band's first single, "What Makes You Beautiful," which was released in September in the United Kingdom. In another highlight of , Styles and the rest of One Direction performed at the Olympics closing ceremony in London. Styles is known as "the flirt" of One Direction, and his romantic relationships have been followed obsessively by the press and his fans.

    In , he began dating television presenter Caroline Flack, whom he met when he was competing on The X Factor and she was hosting its companion show, The Xtra Factor. The difference in their ages—Styles was 17 at the time, and Flack was 32—was the subject of much discussion among Styles' fan base.