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Ray Vallese.

Monte Cook. Michele Carter. Tyler Walpole. Wolfgang Baur. Eric Lofgren. Ed Bourelle. Kevin Crossley.

  1. Safe Child Dangerous World: A Family Survival Guide.
  2. Islam und junge Muslime in Deutschland (German Edition);
  3. A fine review of Oathbreaker 2: The Magus’s Tale!

Sue Weinlein Cook. Only Books by Colin Mccomb X. Don't know what's on the other side of that portal? Did your characters suddenly plane shift to another dimension? I'm trying to read everything related to this game before its release date.

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I was also wondering if the Torment supplement will have any new descriptors or foci. I'm starting to think this is the RPG supplement and not the strategy guide. It looks like the majority of the book's content was created by Shanna Germain.

It will be pages the same length as all the into the ninth world supplements. So I guess the reason why Inxile hasn't updated us about this book is due to the fact that MCG is making it independent of Inxile or because they are the slightest bit busy atm. I'll forgive you for missing the memo guys, but please do add this to the backer rewards soon. I really would like to pre-order the hardcover through Inxile. I got to have the highest level EVER so that may name gets on that poster.

I'm also curious if the Character options 2 will have any racial options, foci, or descriptors from Torment in it. So if anyone has the answer to that please share.

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Last edited by anonymous on Tue Jun 07, pm, edited 2 times in total. Monte Cook Games is humble. As always. Can't blame them for being lucrative business, though.

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Can't blame them for being good businessmen. That's more reasonable. I'll wait for reviews, though. What'd be really cool, though, is a published adventure, either at the back of this sourcebook or in a Glimmer, that takes place in the Sagus Protectorate or ties into the story of TToN in some small or tangential way. In any event, there's a good chance I'll get this. It's neat. Not only do you have to pay for the writer s , editor s , artists, and graphic design, you also need to cover the costs of printing on decent paper with a decent binding, shipping, distribution, and other administration.

Chris Pramas of Green Ronin wrote a decent post on cost breakdowns for a book - if I have time, I'll see if I can dig it up. Not sure if we can still do sourcebook add-ons for you. I'll have Mr. Beekers update. We can look into offering an option to get the hardcover through our site as well, but right now it's digital only. The pre-order is at last upon us! Just look at this beautiful artwork: Inxile I need to know if you are going to offer this hardcover or not.

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Please let me know asap. Thanks for your patience. That said, we are going to try to get the PDF versions available for existing backers as soon as possible. MCG is now offering a free poster if they get preorders.