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It was fun and exciting and bad and naughty and did I mention exciting? But I didn't want to leave my husband. I just wanted some fling. Something to satisfy these intense sexual urges I was having and wasn't getting fulfilled at home. I acted on it, told my husband, and he not only forgave me but wanted to know details. He has always flirted with me even when I was there with Joseph.

Joseph and I had been very distant for many months when I was on a rare kid- and husband-free night out and Jake started flirting. I flirted back in a harmless way like I usually did but this time I also gave him my number. He called the next day. We made plans.

We went to a hotel. Numerous times. Once a week for about two months. It got intense. I got scared. They act like it's a hotel and tell you you ran out of clean towels and pick up their feet while you vacuum around them. You work 3 jobs on top of caring for 2 teenages and a dog and a husband and his parents that are free loaders. You tell him help but it's hard for him to stand up. You end up resenting everything and then you yourself become lost.

I told my husband I was going away to see my mother for my birthday a vacation to get away. In hope that he would do and say something. I was happy gone and could be me it was wonderful. Spent my time with my mother and talking. But I was embarrassed at everything so I could not tell her everything such as I had 2 grown adults in my home that could not even say hello to me or care to ask how my day was.

It was a disgusting. So I kept that and was angry and sad. A few days into my trip I got a strange email.

Secret confession: Our baby isn't my husband's | That's Life! Magazine

From a good friend from my passed. He was my best friend from 15 till we graduate high school and he went away to the marines. We try to keep in touchis while he was training and in boot camp. But life goes on and so it did for the both of us. We both ended up talkingredients on phone one night around my birthday it was nice. We shared story's and laughed and I was smiling. For the 1st time in 8 years I was smiling. It was nice. So we became best friends again like time never passed. Was I getting in deep water or was this just something I could call my own and to be happy.

So we talked and talked for months. It was kept a secret. But what was the harm he lived across the country. But he was not married he was divorced. And I was in a unhappy disrespectful married. Well they day came I was done being unhappy. So I saved money secretly and bought a plane ticket I wanted to see him. We had never been anything but friend's. But we knew back then we had always loved each other it was silent. But we didn't ever want to mess up our friendship. What was I thinking? So I made my plans for the first time in my life I was on a high and I was in control and I was happy and was doing something out of my character.

As people would say I was old fashion and a goody goody.

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Well as you can imagine we fell in more love and it was wonderful we found what we're the missing pieces of a puzzle. We became complete both of us where amazed and it was crazy. But I had to go home to my children my unhappy life. So we can't continued our long talks and love from a distance wanting more and him crying and missing me and I crying and missing him. For 2. I only saw him 2x in that time. I found out I was ill very ill and had to have surgery and a lot of other things.

He couldn't deal with not being here for me and so he stopped all contacted left me at my weakest moment and sick and having emergency surgery pretty much he said good luck. It was heart retching and destructive on my part. But I was ill and had to go through this with the help of my children and my husband so yes my husband was there by my side. But only because he is still in the dark of my doings. Was it fare I don't know.

Confessions: I slept with my husband's friend while he was away on a funeral

But I was ill and needed help. I had surgery in March and struggling still in and out of hospital and PT. Other thing have been happening as well some good. But I have a hole in my heart. I love my husband for stepping up and being a man after 4 years but I am incomplete. For the other man he said he could not take me away from my son even though he loved me with everything he had and more he just could not do it. He said he loved me his whole life and always will I was the love of his life he said but sometimes that's not enough.

Good luck Allison and good bye. That was a email he sent me back 5 months ago. It hurt but maybe that is my punishment. I did wrong and I know so I live in my darkness and it's been bad. I don't expect anyone to feel sorry for me at all I can do that enough myself. But it can be a reason why someone does what they do because of other things. Having 1 wrong does justify another wrong to make a right.

"I Almost Cheated on My Husband." Why This Story Is More Common Than You'd Think

But it is an eye opening lesson to learn. I don't know where I go from here but health wise I do have to get better and stronger to learn. And for the man across the country my heart will always love him. For my husband I will have to acknowledge and when ready be real. Thank you for reading I just wanted to share. Hey, I just read your post and I can feel the agony inside of you. It's almost like I can see your pain. I understand. I don't know how old you are but if it was my life that you just decribed I'd leave it to age.

You really should have ended the relationship when you started to hate your partner but now it's kind of a scab that you caused yourself. I just hope you have the strength one day to take care of it because it is certainly not a way to end a life, in mental agony from the insidious act of cheating It was eating my brain, turning me into a monster because I felt like his love for me was undeserved. Everything he ever did for me felt underserved because I was lying to him. Hello Keeks Thank you, I know very well it haunts me all the time. The irony of this all is the other man is getting married.

And I'm a fool for believing him when he said that he would never marry because it wouldn't be me. So between 3 and 5 months he decided to marry this women that he just met. I said wow so soon and he said well sometimes it doesn't take 27 years. That stung pretty bad. I wanted to tell him why I really needed to talk to him. He moved forward. Everyone does. Since i have been sick for a while i was diagnosed with 2 Deseases not something that is catching.

One I can die from and the other I can become paralyzed. I wanted so bad to tell him but it really isn't his problem nor would I want to interfere in his is happiness and I will leave it at that. I have to work on myself and hope I can live with my mistakes and I guess my punishments. Funny how things happen. I'm battling a mountain of psychological issues. I start therapy soon hopefully. I make irresponsible on the spot decisions all the time.

I'm not fit to be married, I'm not healthy enough for it. I married my husband because I was scared of being alone. The way I see it though, he's happy being with me, why should I ruin that. He might be an ass who does immature dumb shit like grab my privates in public, forcibly blow air into my nose, wrestles me, doesn't stop harassing me after I said stop x, gets drunk to the point of puking, punches me in the privates cause he thinks its so funny , he a sweetheart in other ways and I love my in laws, and I'm financially dependent on him till graduation, I have a whole life established here.

I can't run home to mom or dad, I have to see this through.

I can't just this throw away, I couldn't handle a divorce. I couldn't bear breaking his heart. Hello, I hear your pain and guilt and tiredness. I'm sorry it took me so long. I had another surgery and was a mess. I have been thinking a lot and trying to have some peace. I know you must be hoping for your own peace. It is scary to think, can I be on my own? Yes you can when you are ready and you will be. What is the alternative he should not grab you like that or be rude. You have your body and personal space you have the right to not be touch in that manner.

But always remember don't back yourself into a wall. You need to work on you and do somthing for you. It doesn't have to cost anything but you have to do it. Then you have to think what is important for you and your life. Finish school get your ducks in a row and then you'll know what's right. I have this book it's a writing book. So I write 10 things I want to do or goals to work on for the year. They could be as simple as reading 3 good books within the year.

Or take a 15min walk every other day provided weather is good. But here is the thing this is your book your dreams your goals so only you will know if you completed them or not and if you did. And if you didn't but you did some still yahoo! In the end of that year you might have not realize just how strong and beautiful and smart you are to yourself just by caring for you. By taking the time to wright your hopes and wishes and dreams become a reality. You will need to get strong to find your path. Our gift is life some may say not but here's the thing. We have been given paths to take in our lives.

We ultimately choice one of those paths if we hit a bump or fall or get stuck. We somehow end up back at a fork in the road. Where we can choose a new path to follow. Im starting to understand that besides having kids and a husband. I am my own person they don't define me. You are your own person too and should be able to live and feel happy and not guilty and grow and learn.

Hang in my friend you have a beginning you will see what works for you. Everyone deserve to be happy no matter the outcome. I'm still working on mine too. It's ok. Love Allison. After reading many comments, I still don't know what to do. I guess I can start by stating that I am in a emotional affair. I am married. Going on almost 18 years, been together longer. I feel so torn. My wife know of this person but doesn't know the extent of my feelings for her.

This other person I feel very strong for has been part of my life longer than I've been with my wife. I care for my wife very much. Truth be told, not a single day has gone by that I haven't thought of this other person. I guess I don't know what I'm asking. I see where you are coming from. I have no doubt you care and love your wife. But I know very well the loves are different. I get that. I told my husband about 3 years ago in a counseling session I was not in love with him.

The" counselor said that take a lot of guts to say that". I felt relieved saying it but bad to. I looked at my husbands face he was hurt but he also had an expression of "she is telling the truth" and he respected that. I state I love you for being the father of my children and the person you can be and as a provider and carer. But I am not in love. I don't know when it stopped loving that way. Could have been when he had his affair but that was 9 years ago. Wow so have I just not been in love with him that long hmmm. I dont know. Then it happen I also ended up in an emotional affair within the last 2 years.

With my best friend that I as well have known longer than my husband. But it turned into more as you know by reading my stuff. I guess what I would say is if you want to be happy you have to figure out what is best. Your wife knows some of the truth that means she must have a clue about more. I'm sure she is a smart caring women and she knows a few things. Maybe it would be best if you both go to a counselor and talk.

I know it's hard to not want to hurt her emotionally but I'm sure she is already. Sometimes we are just waiting for the ball to drop so we buy our time. Because if we can get a little we will take it till the end. And I don't doubt you are emotional too. I do believe If this other person loves you she has to step back and let you handle this part of your life. Before you even thinking about being apart of a new life with her.

And if you want that. You may need time to step back and see what is it you do love about your wife? When did it stop that deep way?

Could you gain it back? Do you want that? What does this other person have that you never had with your wife? Ask theses question to yourself. You might be surprised if your really honest and think about it. Have you ever asked your wife about how she feels about the marriage or if she is sad?. I'm sure you can get some good answers. But that maybe be best with a counselor. She might wonder why your asking and get upset you don't want to stir the pot yet if you haven't decided on your intentions.

Being married for 18 years is amazing now a days. We do change and grow we don't always grow together. That is ok but we always have to realize we are a part of someone else life that they feel invested in and a future. We have to have good strong intentions on our feeling and there's. Having a plan is important to be able to talk to move forward as a couple or apart. It is so hard to figure these things out. But if you want your wife happy she has to live free and true she deserves that.

And if you want to live happy you have to free the truth. Sometime if we want something so much we have to fight for it but remember for the right reasons. Im a person I messed up and I can't have my second chance. But I can understand the many ways to love diffrent people different ways. My true love is gone and in the end I do hope he found what he was looking for.

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He said he wouldn't take me away from my son and love isn't always enough. I think he just didn't love me enough to wait. Lesson learned. I dedicate my book to him that I have been writing. Yes your response was very helpful I'm just so scared. I know I sound like a little kid. And your right the hurt needs to stop everywhere. Martin, I hope all is well and you are working on things. I know it's scary and hard but in the end the path your on will be clear.

Yes it will hurt for awhile but it is never the end. Life is always full of new beginnings. Good luck take care. Your friend Allison. I am in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend lives 3. I went over seas this year in June for about a month and a bit. I come back and things are going okay We don't talk as much, we don't make as much effort to see eachother A week after that big fight I attend my friends hens night, really just wanted to get drunk after a shitttty week. I get absolutely mortal, I run into my ex, we have a good time chatting funnily enough he was out for a bucks party on the same night as my friends hens!

I find myself having a good time, checking my phone to see if my boyfriend has texted me.. I get upset, I start drinking more. Shuffling to the end of the story, I go home with him and it happens. I cheated on my boyfriend that night. The next morning I woke up and realised what I had done, I cried.. The guy I cheated with told me not to say anything and just move on if I still wanted to be with my boyfriend. That happens. This sort of behavior the reason that men cannot be trusted.

This way, you could avoid spending your time and energy on a heartless brute like this guy. If I'm away on business for a week, the kids will miss one or two days of school and will be behind on their homework when I come back. Paying women for an erotic experience helps fill the gap somewhat. There's no emotional attachment, but at least I get to be with another person and get a sense of what it would be like to have a normal, full relationship with my wife.

My wife has said before that she wouldn't mind if I slept with another woman, except that she would be uncomfortable that it would lead to me having feelings for the other woman. I wish she would see that this argument also means that an intimate relationship between her and me might deepen our feelings for each other. So I pay women for their time. I don't do anything physical, but I'm not going to tell my wife about it.

Can we really blame him for going outside of the home to find physical or emotional contact? But I also knew that I had no feelings for the girls. I simply would use them and then go back to my loving Kaitlin at my apartment. It got bad, really bad. Kaitlin gained another 20 pounds over the span of three months, and cried daily while I would go to the city nearly every night. It became easier to go to gay bars, as I said earlier I have no attraction to men, but I have no ill feelings towards having fun.

Kaitlin had become distant to me, I told her I worked nights when in reality I was cheating on her with different women and men every night. Then, one night, while I had had too much, I ran into Kaitlyn's friend at a bar, in the bathroom, while I was.. He's just a sociopath. He's cool and we hang out sometimes but he'll screw get with your girlfriend if you don't watch it. He's done it before. They just don't know how big of a jerk they really are. Here another thing that is wrong with society — friends of cheaters make light of their habits and even brag about their cheating friends.

This would save so many people from any future heartaches. Unfortunately, society lets men be men because they have needs, and women are supposed to just accept that. Talk about gendered bull crap. And shame on this friend for making a joke about how cool is friend is. When has lying, cheating, and being a dirt bag become cool? It was really like living a double life as a serial killer, only I was a cheater. It started out just hanging out with an old friend at a party with my wife there and we were all having fun. My old friend was wasted and we got friendly but I stood by my wife.

I saw her a few weeks later and we exchanged numbers. At first it was us going out for coffee or lunch, nothing big deal or anything worth mentioning. It maybe happened once every 2 weeks. It was so great the first few times. This is when texting became more regular and I was constantly deleting texts and almost always a nervous wreck when my wife was around, even though she was completely oblivious. Then the bomb hit when she took my phone once and found some suggestive texts. The nuke hit when one of the neighbors of the girl called my wife and told them my car was parked in front.

Ultimately, I do not recommend cheating while married because then why even get married, you will only speed up the amount of time it is before you hate each other and suffer a lot of unnecessary stress. Here is a pretty standard confession. Thus, cheating ensues. Most cheaters live this way, nervous, miserable, but satisfied to some degree. But is this real happiness? His last sentence is the key to everything and should be read several times over by all human beings.

Cheating never showed up on my moral compass for some reason. I slipped quite a few times and lost one girlfriend because of it. I did some soul searching and such and realized jealousy wasn't really a thing for me in relationships. I think the worst part about "cheating" is going behind your partner's back. From disaster, from the wreckage, he found some peace and understanding. Not only with self, but with his significant others.

She turned out to be a really good listener, and once we were in the bedroom, she was a passionate. I felt reborn. We're finalizing the divorce and arranging our engagement this Sunday. We know that people have needs and many of them are so strong, so powerful, so tough to ignore that they lead to cheating and, eventually, estrangement from significant others. Today, men are finding it easy to cheat online, but also with inanimate objects that they personify.

My wife has no drive whatsoever. My marriage feels so lonely. There's affection, but no spark in her eyes, no kissing, no desire. She understands that I want there to be intimacy in the relationship, but she doesn't see the point. I've made it very clear through counselling how it makes me feel unloved. Here is an example of a man who cheated because he was married to the wrong person. Without talking, couples will often run into issues. We can blame this on simple genetics or that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but it goes way deeper than that.

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